Russian brands to have girls from the letter U

Russian brands to have girls from the letter U

Taira (new) – persistent Taisiya (old) – “God-lover” and “lover of children” Tagliana – (Arabic.) – happy, lucky, prolific. In honor of the latest ancient Israeli city of Talilea. On behalf of new Bulgarian Holy ila / Tomila Tatiana (old) – founder Tecusa (old) Teresa / Theresa (new) Tal / Tali / Talia – dew (sovr.-Hebrew) Tanya (of Tatiana) Tractorina (new) – first tractor

Russian brands having girls for the 2021 because of the page V

Valentina (old) – strong Valeria (old) – match Wanda (Glory) – hospitable Varvara (old) – savage Vasilina (New) – Regal Vasilisa (old) – regal Vassa (old) – king Vaclav (slav.) – a whole lot more glorious Vevea (old) Velora / Veloria (New) – regarding the VELIKA Oct Wave Venus (old) – “love” Believe (old) – “faith” Veronica (old) – trust from inside the victory Veselin (slav.) – smiling Vesta (old) ‘s the patron saint of the property. Hearth Vidana (Slavic) – common Brand new test (old) – winner Victoria (old) – “victory” Vilena (New) – regarding V. We.Lenin Viola / Violetta / Violante (The fall of.) – “violet” Virinea (old) – environmentally friendly, fresh Vitaliy / Vitalina (New) – existence Viulena (New) – away from V.We. Ulyanov Leenin Vlada (Slav.) – manager Vladilen (Late.) – small handfrom “Vladimir Lenin” Vladimir (New) – who owns the nation Vladislava (Slav.) – who owns glory Vladlena (new) – like Vladilen Vlasta (Slav.) – ruler Usually (new) – 100 % free Vseslava (slav) – everywhere glorious

Russian names for girls regarding page X

Harita (old) – goddess out-of beauty Haritina (old) – charm Khatouna – more youthful lady Hanum/Hanuma – Mrs. (още…)

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